Tuesday, May 4, 2010

yummy nachos

i made this in pizza form the other day, so good i re-made it as nachos.

Back On Track

I'm home after recovering from a terrible sickness that lasted too long. Better now. And back on track for good.

Here are some highandlowlights of my winter.

we only got the best gopro footy.

the first day blatt and i attempted to snowmobile tandem(with me driving). this was also the last.

austen's amazing spelling

well we tried to make popcorn but it didn't pop, so we put the kernels in a bowl.

our trash can at any given point of the trip

the train that picked up good ol' curt mcgurt after getting denied at the border.

snow slip inn, essex, montana. GO HERE and visit Bill, the best man in the world.

deer leg i found after we blew up two sleds in a row

iris peed on the continental divide

jin saito sleeping all nice and warm in the truck without heat, sometime on this drive we almost hit an elk.

sometimes we found the goods..

and sometimes we didn't.

little bit a' cabin fever

thank god for sushi

get the club!!!

Mt Ashland, Oregon...last real stop of my 4 month long road trip

yay for gays!

pro plane player

coolest park ever in seattle.

child in happiness.

so there it is....

Friday, February 12, 2010

I fudged up.

As usual, I've lost track of keeping track. Here's some photos from the road.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

walk around

We put a "little bit of gas" into the RV. Aka Tangerine Dream.


It's officially day 2 of the tour (I think). Our plan for the day was to pack the RV and head to Montreal ASAP this morning. Everything was moving smoothly until we tried to load the drop in ramp to the garage. The lift broke, and Austen, KG and his land caretaker are trying to fix it...while I sit inside enjoying the heat, and not to mention beautiful view of the ocean with light snowfall. Hopefully we get on the road soon before the snow sets in. I'm looking forward to the rails in Montreal, just snowboarding in general, sleeping the entire way on my bed, and not to mention legally partying! Here are some photos of the RV.

welcome to our humble abode!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

this is unreal

she's so beautiful, and he is pretty handsome.

Friday, May 29, 2009

some shit

oh and i have my own room now! hooray!